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Life in Jail

by Karamea


IT’S been 10 months now,

Only 6 to go,


I’m getting used to the feeling of being Locked up now,

It’s becoming an every day routine.


everyday when I wake up, I make my bed, have a wash, & stand tall or waiting the doors to open for my day to begin.


The doors open with a massive bang from the sound of the lock retracking into the door.


I walk out the wing & gaze around the yard, only to be reminded by the metal high 3 meter fence’s which are lined with crome razor wire, which segrogates the wings and the inmates, from the outer compound.


by now your used to the lock-ins, during which that time your thoughts run wild with anger & fear, not knowing what lays ahead in the future for you.


you look out the window at night to see the brick wall in the shadow behind the security lights which light up the premises to form a sparkle which reflects off the shiny razor wire.


                                    The End



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