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My Life

Lucas S.

Sit back and relax and make a coffee
Allow me to take you back to ‘93 I was just a young

Thirteen years old, that’s when divine intervention
Set me on my course. It was mid August windy
Season I was out bush walkin’
Nose clogged from pollen,
Eyes waterin’.

I start climbing a little cliff, 30mtrs without a rope
Get close to the top reach up to grab a tree
Snap crack the damn thing breaks
I’m falling
Launching myself away from the edge.
And Then shock
Carn’t remember a thing.Wake up days later
The smell of disinfectant - hospital grade

Pass out again
Wake up the next day screaming ICU down, the
docs hands are in my bloody leg
Feeling around for loose bones.Then it’s back
Under the knife I go, another 6hrs or so
And both legs are on the mend.

Wake up high as a kite morphine drips been
Running non-stop nearly a week
I’ve been in for 2 major surgery’s
One on my back and the other on my legs.
Two weeks and I’m out of ICU in a kids ward.
The Doctors came to visit
Told me I’ve shattered both ankles, broke left
Fibular & tibula,
Split my spine
Fractured my left thumb,
Cracked my sternum.
Then the worse damn news
I’d never play footy again.

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