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A group poem


If my hand had fallen into yours earlier, I might

              still be holding you.

I’ll always remember what you told me:

In order to build a castle, learn how to build a

                                                                house first.

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

I can’t wait to come home.

Listening to your echos surrounding me.

I’m sick of this jail because of the lockins.

Curiosity and patience grow longer

           Awaiting an answer which feels like eternity.

I look out the window at night

And see the brick wall and the shadow

Behind the security lights which

Light up the premises to form a sparkle

Which reflects off the shiny razor wire.


I’ve realized that it’s not the time here that’s bothering me

             But the time I’ve lost with you.


                                                                                            I need a new pen…

This is my everyday life.

I long to carry your burdens.


                                                      With a positive mentality better days await.


We’ve picked up the pieces, broken from a mirror.

We placed them so everything seems clearer.

The crushing and crowding of our space, just thee

                                                                                       and me no more.

How quickly this changes and crumbles.


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