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The Police State

Michael H.

The bliss of ignorance evades me everyday
that blissful ignroance I wish for everyday
When I turn on the nightly news
it feels like my head like
the turning of dirty, rusty tight screws.

It's always another law that's broken or made
The police get more power
and for that they get paid
This state where we live is ruled by the police
men locked up without no trial
Soon there will be no peace.

In two world wars our freedom was fought for 
and won by our forefathers
who died for that to come. 

The propaganda machines are at it again
instilling false fear int he people
with the tip of their pen.
Creating fear of illegal social drugs
while drinking wine by the gallon
and drinking beer by the jug.

If you touch speed or pot
your attacked every day
if you aregue with your wife
you're attacked every way
Political correctness is running amock
A new stolen generation
This one stolen by Docs

Cameras record our every move
everyday more of our freedom is what we lose

With Hitler in power it happened before,
do we need that horror, the horror of war?
It does seem inevitable with our approach to that door. 
Orwell's timing was out, but sadly,
his prediction were thrue with his Nineteen Eighty Four.

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  • The Police State