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Braydon J.

Everyday I worry about the world outside, I wonder
if it’s the same, or if things have moved aside. I
wonder if that girl is taking care of my son. I wonder
if he’s growing tall or if he's having fun, it's so
ridiculous, how this system works, it causes pain &
creates hurt, yeah ok its karma for the wrong we've
done, but we should all be treated equally, all not
just some, it's uneasy in here,
trying to pull through
leaving my son on the visit room floor, crying my name
but having to walk,
walking away is the hardest thing, brings tears to my
eyes, makes me cave in, talking on the phone, hearing
him talk, I so want to leave but they won't let me
walk, they exaggerate the conditions, contemplate
decisions, procrastinate over things that require
precision, they call me a criminal, but I'm a human
I'm not a bad guy, even though I'm in greens.
I want to make a difference but it's hard to try,
when the system restricts you and & cuts off your

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