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Braydon J.

As the phone rang in the background, I thought I was dreaming, 
Then I woke to realise I was not. 
The floorboards squeeked as I ran to the phone
I answered
She was breathing heavily

You are a father. 
My voice echoed through the house as I screamed. 
The sound of the typres filled the street 
As I raced to the hospital.
Finding my way through bustling people
sad families & worried friends.
Heading to hold my son for the very first time. 

Upon entering the room
And seeing his face
Silence fell upon my mind

Overwhelming feelings took over me. 
I held my boy for the first time.
He opened his eyes & stared into mine.

I felt like nothing could stop me now,
I knew that at this moment
my life had changed
For the best reasons
My son.

As we strapped him into his car seat for the first time.
His tiny body snug under the belts.
His cute little lids not reaching the edge.
And his amazement at his new surroundings.
My Boy
So big now he rids bikes and climbs trees.
Runs on his own two feet. 
He talks with better language than most people I meet.
My heart
My soul
My love
My world.

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