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Israel C.

They see me fly, they shoot me down.
But I refused to hit the ground
I’m so alone, I don’t hear a sound
And nowadays Sydney looks like a Ghost Town
Haters wanna kill me every where that Izzy turns now
And they won’t stop till they see my city burn down
You can try bro, but I will not lose
And ten of you can never fit into my shoes.
Yall sleepin on the job I will not snooze
And you can hit me all ya want I will not bruise
Still I’m crucified and
All im trying to do is keep our Industry Alive. Uh. 
And Everyday I feel like callin quits nd let you take 
The bullet but I doubt that you can handle it
So here I am mothafucker & even though you hate me I would die for you suckaz
See me in the mirror swear in lookin like Jesus
Haterz wont stop till I rest in pieces
That’s because they know I rule em all like Caesar
And I wont quit till I’m livin in Ibiza, Brea
Me & my crew sipping champagne 
I pray to God that I get to see that day.
Me and klaed jetskiin’ in Miami Miracle & I nominated
for a couple Grammy’s

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