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With a needle to my arm, shootin' happiness thru my veins
Dirty laundry time, damn, wash away the blood stains
Soon as homie love came haters hit the murder game
life cant last forever when your breath get lit like propane
I know Im to blame, I’ve got caught up in the middle of
An infantile beef cause I wanted a million, God
Couldn’t share the turf, now I find out what hurts worse
Couldn’t come to light when he got lain, something like a curse
Reminisein on them days when he called it ride or die
Overdrive to stay alive, we gon strive when we arrive
Stand aside, what ya spirit rise like smoke when we get high
Ya entities deprived, now mines to stand & sigh
Representin for the pavement tho its minus the G.I. yo
O.G. of the infantry, we servin for the streets tho
The constant memory will haunt me endlessly
Miss ya dude everyday, get nightmares when I'm asleep

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