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When My Life Really Started

Brian W.
When I was young my life was easy,
Working, playing, it was pretty breezy
I didn’t really know what life was about
Till I had my lads then I
Responsibilities and someone
To care for gives my life meaning
Watching my children’s birth
Watching them grow
The little people I knew they would become
Guiding them and teaching them what I think it takes
To be a part of society, 
The community,
A decent person with common sense,
Personal decency, to be proud
Of themselves and to have self respect
To have love in their lives
And to be responsible for their actions
Mainly to be loyal to their family, loved ones
And the community.
Seeing how my two little
Beautiful girls have grown into the most
Respectable little people
I know makes my life have meaning
Responsibility and loyalty is what life is all about
Looking after your parents and your elders
Giving that to my girls and
Seeing them go through the motions.

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