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Where i'm From - ACT


They ain't saying nothing, government oppress
The sounds of gun powder firin' next, 
Pimps, hos, bikies, street gangs show
Repping their code, work for drugs & clothes. 

The G-Unit flats to Red Hill slums
North & South side bear rich and bums
Sleepin' in on shelters, step to the 'burbs
Capitol Hill spread lies ya heard
Corruptions a must in the ACT
Easy to get caught, no clean - it's gritty. 

Jumpin the border, Q-Town represent
Feds still roam coz crooks are present. 

The city of nightclubs, nightlife, the bustle
Underground fightclubs, high life, the hustle. 

Drivin' the roundabout of disgrace
Try to find a place in the land of misplaced. 

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  • Where i'm From - ACT