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Raising Consciousness

Life is what you make it

but you should take it as it comes

Life is a paradise

entangled with a gun


A rainbow

being beaten by a drum

drum up the mustard

muster the courage when it comes


Confidence facing consequence

mistakes in the magic

they laugh at the tragic

even my sarcophagus is sarcastic


All hail the holy land

traverse inner terrain

let it reign, let it rain, let it rane 

horse and carriage against the grain


All gravy

all suffering

a beautiful struggle all the same

let it reign, let it rain, let it rane

steam train against the grain


Life is what you fake it

till you make it, make it change

middle finger to the haters you create inside your brain


Big love to the brothers

the homies by your side

the obstacles and tentacles

tenacity on the rise


The temptations

the temporal tense sensations on the mind

the mind over matter

keep your eye on the grind


Nose to the grindstone

heart to the hearth

leave the moves to the movement

the proof to the church


Progress is the process

change before it fades

make matter matter

mad hatter battling to batter up everyday 


Step up to the plate

feed yourself another way

divert the dividends

money is not the pay


Challenge the undefeated

repent the disbelievers 

repeat until they repeat it

til the whole world then believes it


And they take the credit

it's not about your own acknowledgement

it's about raising up the consciousness

with your syllables and consonants


Consequently you can dream and they can live it

you can plant the seed

they can eat the fruit once it's delivered


Long as they get to live it

it doesn't matter who started it

what matters is that we all take the journey 

and we all make it to the finish


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