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Mudjis and Yiliman (Friends and Spears)

~ Written with Dharawal, Dhurga and Darumba interpretations provided by Vikki Parsley and Jodi Edwards. 


Reach to the birrung, if you dare
For our ancestors they live there

Ngura bugiya
            I hear yesterday
Yukon guwin
            speak up spirits of the dead
222 years of bugiya have failed you

Ngaa mujis, guwin in a garawanga
            I see friends, spirits of the dead in a dream
Jumping into the dilwan
Gurguma, barnun, yilma, marwdi yabun
            Westerly wind, north-easterly wind, southerly wind, easterly wind
yukon guwin
            speak up spirits of the dead

Gagamari, bidiga, buldayn, djaja, gurbin, mudji
            Cleverman, grandmother, grandfather, cousin, friend
Ngaa nabu now all on the gayan garabang
            I see your family now all on the big rock 

Ngaa nabu, mujis yangga-na, and gali for you
            I see your family friends singing and dancing for you
Ngaa gadu bana from their mabura
            I see the ocean water from their eyes
Tarrawarra and gunyu’s go to rest.
            Where the slow waters go, and swans go to rest

            I hear
duduwa calling, waiting
            I hear the whip bird, calling, waiting
Under the cross
Ngaa gandi burning, and the yiliman sharpening.



Poet's notes:
Darumba references have been taken from this paper
Bimeringal (Bimerring = west) in Darumba language
Tarrawarra is local to Braidwood, Darumba
Gadu and Moruya is Dhurga
Yabun is Dharawal
Daragan is tharawal
birrung – stars
bugiya – yesterday 
dilwan - sunset
mina mina  en moruya
mudji – friend

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