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I reflect as a modern woman

Note: This poem was created as a performance piece for Poetic Threads: Lady and the Unicorn. Actions are noted by italics.


I stand before you;
As a modern woman,
Sharing my perception,
As puberty is spun and stitched;

As the grand tent curtain opens;
Introducing these desired portrayals and perception of traditional purity;
Here she, & here she;
Regal fertile beauties,
Stand to be chosen,
With committed feminine responsibility;
To wed, And to produce,
The next heirs;

If we peeled back these petalled faces;
There’s a sadness,
A sadness where their eyes can’t hide the contradiction.
Under each layer of their glistening red gowns;
Their woven commitment,
Weighs them down,
To honour heritage,
Constricting their desires,
Imprisoning their true selves,
There is a longing, for a life unbound.

As it is written;
My Sole desire
Question is, whose?
Man’s? Nature’s? God’s? Or Theirs?
Or that of the ancestors, who made traditions;
To tailor a young woman’s mind, the need to be courted
And forever loved;

So Young virgins, welcome to the unknown realm;
The gap in existence,
Where your minds CAN choose to receive treasures submissively;
Continue passing old values from generation to generation;

Bravely embrace ‘SELF WILL' , as the jewel to protect.
‘THAT’, Is, the treasure to pass on as an independent thinker.

Your identity has motive;
To transform into self-belief,
Your courage;
Ambitiously roars,
Resonating escapism,
To further interpret your own truth, and status.

Change is a wind;
When innocence battles with ego;
Self-reflective consciousness,
Triggers your spirit and arouses all 5 senses.



Please join me, and simply inhale & exhale celebrating breath...
As we begin with our first sense, SMELL

My Lady;
I am your future;
A modern woman,
Taking in, your existence.
(breathe in)
Each thousand flowered stem expresses the scent of ‘your’ womanhood;

Take care, of your mind garden;
Don’t allow conformity to wilt you.

May this carnation crown open your chakra to blossom into a beautiful, wild flower;
Young virgin, do not succumb to the heady fragrance of flowers;
Let go of fear,
Tensions and grievances.

Your inner identity longs for you, to ripen & blossom;
This is your moment young virgin;
You are the seed of evolution,
Weed with patience, and practice
In silent meditation.

The petals you delicately stitch;
Connect flora and fauna’s life’s essence;
The fragrance of petals, are reminiscent of past elders before you;
They too, grew from fragile delicate seeds;
Which transformed into firm stems from traditional roots,
Like you;
They were taught to blossom,
into a divine conformed beauty;



(Please join me to feel our 2nd sense
 I welcome you to place your hand upon your heart, feel its pulse?
Do you feel your soul or just a heartbeat?)

My Lady
I am your future,
A modern woman
‘Embracing’ your existence;

I'm recognising your stimulation of two senses;
You’ve learnt to shape shift between smell with touch;
Your pineal crown beams your fertile roots of womanhood.

It is not sinful, nor shameless to locate your self-esteem;
As you caress your own noble presence and potential;
Feel free and roam.

Five centuries have unfurled;
So I can stand before you and say,
Don’t hold on to the heavy,
Resolve and move on.
Your virginal encounter alerts you;
To your personal awakening to your own purpose;
And now that your sense of touch is highlighted;
Your awareness of this, intrigues you.

Explore as a curious bunny, find the pulse of your hopping innocence in this forest;
Be cautious of the winged predators’ that seek to recapture your inquisitive mind.
Now that you’ve conquered fear, nothing is coincidence;

Shake off the touch of the hand of fear;
And seek the fantasies within;
Such courage protects chastity;

Clear your mind of conformed possessions;
Reflect, hopes & dreams you had hidden.

Live fruitfully, intentionally
and forever evolve.



(Those who wish to acknowledge your sweetness, taste the wonder of the world by licking your bottom lip to sense taste)

For every crescent moon;
A birth day & month is conquered and placed as a pennant, celebrating virginal ages from past to present.

My Lady
I am your future,
A modern woman
‘Sampling’ your existence;

You are a stitch;
A petal and a stem,
DNA, is a woven tapestry of ancestors;

Each thousand flowered stem;
Reinforces, you are never alone,
Ancestral trees watch over you;
As do sapling peers in your peripheral vision.

They know their leaves can only fall so far, to remind you of the forests you come from.
Acknowledge, the women whose footsteps in which you stand;
They too, grew from delicate seeds;
And like you, they were taught conformed beauty;
So take root and blossom to ‘your own’ being.

As you stand in silent meditation;
Such a cornucopia of tastes, circles your new aura;
Once timid and innocent;
The wild pheromone brings out your animal instincts,
In a time, constrained by conformity.
You are now a fledgling spirit;
Spreading your wings;
Sipping sweet indulgence.
Oh how this worries those closest to you;
Your nervous whelp is upon your dresses train,
Scrambling for offerings to keep you weak,
from your tasty consciousness of self-belief.
As you savour sovereignty.
This confectionary you must learn to preserve;
Too much sugar and sin can enter.

Gluttony is not classy;

Humble yourself, you still have more to learn,

To take your place in history.


4. (Bell rung)

Here Ye, Here Ye;
Lend me your ears.

My lady;
I am your future;
A modern woman
'Listening' to your existence.

Linked to a frequency;
Your pressed fingers,
lovingly creates a melody;
This melodious audible key of G;
has nature rapt.
(Sensual sigh)
(Vocal Scales)

Connecting your body, mind & spirit to an internal harmony.
This is your moment young virgins;
You are the seeds of evolution.
Listen to the tune of ‘your’ womanhood,
with open delight.
(Vocal Scales)

Recognising stimulation of sound;
This heightened awareness intrigues you,

Your virginal encounter awakens purpose.

It’s not sinful, nor shameless to locate your self-esteem.
(Sung) No matter be yourself



My Lady, as a I view your existence;
I see doubt shadowing your reflection;
Unfortunately in your future, this will continue to take over your independence;

As a modern woman;
I too questioned from adolescence;
The need of security through young adulthood;

Am I attractive enough?
Am I worthy of romantic love?
Can I carry and give birth to a new world?


You are constricting self by a shroud of confusion,
Worry only causes our being to be drained & vulnerable;
Perhaps, it has attached itself to love’s collective delusion.
Set aside sunken eyes and dull countenance;
You are capable beyond divine beauty.
There’s a garden in your stare, wildflowers that long to blossom;

My lady;
Sight the day;
Sight the night;
When your ‘own will’ CAN grow,
Identifying worthiness and maturity;

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