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Group Rap

by the MNCCC Poets and Solo

It aint easy for a kid growing
up on the street
He’s gotta do what hes gotta do so
he can eat.
When hes stressed out, he puts
words to the beat
If his words could be heard then
he’d have to compete.
He’s got no one; but his spirit
aint brokin
Clouds in the sky when hes midnight
People keep laughing – but he’s not jokin
He’s in a nightmare + he cant be awoken
Until one day, he gets called into battle
staring down the others, he wont
be rattled
Facing his rivals, he
fakes the title
Now hes got his mind dead set on survival
each day that passes his spirit
grows stronger.
He’s not down + out on his any
standing tall, won’t take the
fall anymore
No one can touch him, now
he has the floor. 

So if youre struggling, feeling down
+ out
Looking for a way to standout
from the crowd
Hold ya head high, puff ya chest
Make yourself heard + raise
your voice loud.

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