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Group Poem

Woken up by the buzzer, ready to do muster

We can trust the same thing that happened yesterday

To replay the same each morning

A voice beside your bed barks 'Five Minutes Warning'


Rolling a bunga while I'm making brew

Looking in my cell for something decent to chew

Hear the rattle of the keys, here comes a screw

Green shirt, green pants and a hole in my shoe


Across the yard it's a foot race to the phone

Punch my pin number in and I hear the dial tone

Call Mum for some news from my people at home

To numb the feeling, the feeling of being alone


Kicking back in my room

But not to worry, I'll be home soon

Out the windows, see the stars and moon

But from the inside it's darkness and gloom


When I think of what I did, I shed a tear

I notice my kids getting bigger every year

But don't for me fear, my friend, because it's not the end

And in no time, we'll be back home again.


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