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Heartless Felon

By Dan S. aka Big X

I’m a heartless felon making lyrics, making rhymes now
Compose beat, who’s trippin, and who’s got you whimped out
Show what you say, cause I define the streets
I’m all about the crema from the waist down
Hypocrites and phonies are getting caught out
Got you dripping wet and got you bleeding lead out
I’ll be the street baller Iller with a silver back killer
Homies just know me like that
Know me like that
I got the infamous, U.SO down for whatever
Hitler on the rise
We going Luciano straight to the top
With a dizza equal killer
I’m a Domici in the making
Like Notorious on the rise 
Too many setbacks now, But the world is calling
I’m just like the Picasso of a classic
Like you phonies ain’t ready for whatever
So much pain and destruction
Get your mind right, get your game time
This ain’t a Bonnie and Clyde ride
Hollow tips to your chest
Bleeding lead out, let’s conversate before you pass out
Whisper slowly into my ear, heavenly father am I here now?
Was this a dream that I’m dreaming about?
Do you accept me or take my confessions now
Or do you give me silence and throw backs and let Lucifer take me now?
What yous know? What yous know? What yous know about me?
 What yous know? What yous know? What yous know about me?
Mr Infamous U,SO with some elite empire
With a black white tattoo in the middle
I got a true story for the world to be told.

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