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Solitary Confinement of the Mind

By Peter V.

“The loss is not the imprisonment of four walls, but the imprisonment of your mind.”
How many of you have truly learnt their lessons?
Did they lead you to believe they’ll help you, have they given you tools to help you
Abolish the walls of ignorance that have imprisoned you? Perhaps you can see what is within their
hearts? A fully functional system cannot operate without what fuels it…
And what it requires is the fuel of inmates, people who follow blindly and don’t have the ability
to help themselves. We aren’t as wise as we think we are.
So you think you have stepped forward, yet they were already 3 steps ahead of you
Systematic control over your Body, Mind and Soul
This false pretence goes unchecked 99% of the time merely because
your heart wants to believe that for once you’ll be left alone in what you are doing. You can
Find peace in life, anywhere, but in jail, it depends on what it is.
There comes a time when holding on to what you value is like holding on to coal
You’ll find those that mind their own business and have invited people to do the right thing is seen
as harmful and threatening. How can we establish happiness and peace amongst ourselves if
you can’t have a population of peacemakers? How do we have freedom in any sense or rights if this
revolving door of fear mongering persecutes the problem solvers?
Why should they solve all the issues within these dark halls and leave
the yards to be filled by ghosts? Jails are not built to house empty halls nor are they built
to muster a problem that doesn’t exist. As long as you are part of the problem, then jail is the only
is it problematic if you were to invite and help the heedless, within these walls, to a lifestyle
which ensures peace of mind? What’s the issue of assisting a person remove the clouds of doubt
from veiling their ability to dream and do what makes them happy? It’s all about suppressing the
truth of guidance… I guess anyone else who has endured this must be enduring the path of
But then again I shoudn’t have forgotten, I’m in jail… I was only trying to better myself and help
“The struggle is not the imprisonment of four walls, but the struggle is trying to free your mind from
being imprisoned.”

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Poem Audio

  • SCCC Poets- 2016- Peter V. reads 'Solitary Confinement of the Mind'