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The Choice

By Andrew

Give me the chance to make it right
Only then you’ll see the man in me
Who don’t make mistakes and ask for forgiveness
I’m only human, so they say, it’s in our nature to flip
The page and make a stand. All my years of struggles
Came with sacrifices, many left,
Certain few, kept it real, as he survived to tell
The story, ain’t no lying in what I say, judge me
On how you take me as, critics like to point
The finger, fucking saints they claim to be
I never had much, but like little things I came across,
I shared with many, the thought that counts, had me
Saying such blessings we can give, selfish people, how cruel
They can be, no matter the situation or my kindness
Taken for granted, people do by me, can’t change the
Way I am
But fuck with me, then you will see your end of days
Coming soon…

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