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Leaving Home!

by Nadia


Bags packed, I stand, and my eyes look around,

My heart cries, but there is no sound.

I say goodbye, I have to go,

I sink, staggering, I feel so low.

As an imposter in my own home

An outcast, cold and alone.

A quick kiss, a group hug,

I’ll miss this, its nice n snug.

My heart deflates, tears prickle my eyes,

Silently I pray up to the heavenly skies.

Little hands grasp my pants, desperate words beg,

Please don’t go, tightly they hold my leg.

I stand, take the bags, walking, I close the door on my life,

Sharp stabbing pain cuts through the day’s strife.

Over my shoulder I hear my babies’ deep cries,

with each step something more inside me dies.

Three little bodies, Stare blankly through the door,

Loud thumps I hear beating down through the floor.

I sit sobbing in my car,

Driving backwards but not getting very far.

Our hearts will bare as one,

United love, burning under the hot sun.

We are not lost, but still connected,

This family God selected.

This I promise you,

My love is honest and true.


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  • Leaving Home!