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My Journey - Doing Time

‘I can’t help but smile J As they walk past me’
My time almost done – soon I’ll be free
As the days roll-on by I kick along in the system
A bit of tension in the air – as well as some friction.
But I continue to travel and progress through
fighting the battle – Green against Blue.
“Attention all inmates” says the loud speaker voice
Time for Muster and lock-in “Do we have a choice?”
My True Identity – A Spiritual Human Being
I am not just an inmate with a number in green.
In my own mind I have strength and I’m free.
Nothing or No One could ever break me.
For I am a Woman, I stand Proud and Tall.
No longer will I give up on me anymore.
My life’s just begun – My journey to success
Keeping hold of my hopes and dreams are what I do best.

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