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Shake the Dust

Christina L.
This is for all the young and old.
The nursing mum and working dads.
The babies, children and teenagers.
Sometimes we need to shake the dust.
For lovers all around the world
For the ones whose heart’s been broken
For the babies learning to crawl
When things get too hard and we seem to not cope all we have to do sometimes is just shake the dust.
So just take a deep breath, breathe easy, let it out.
Scream if that’s all it takes to make you feel at ease
Tell the world, spread the news, share the love
When things seem too hard, too difficult, you feel that you’re struggling all you have to do is shake the dust.
Live in harmony, live in peace
Be happy not just for today but for tomorrow
But when things don’t turn out remember all you can do is shake the dust.

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