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Freight and flight

By Judith Bishop

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Just a Trucking Nightmare

By Noel Causer

Australia grew on icons

That inspired the nation’s heart,

And it’s hard to really fathom

Where this tale of woe should start.

So put aside the golden fleece ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By James Collis

Did you slip away early,

or was it late at night,

Bleary eyed you left us peaceful in our sleep,

for the last haul,

the longest.


No more high beam ...


Night Mistress

By David J Delaney

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By Nick Flittner

Under these folds of tin

men worked.

Vertical panels

to hold in the noise

and keep out the weather.

Windows illuminating machinery

highlighted dust

and oil and steam

and dangerous ...



By Nick Flittner

Implication – dry means

not wet

but does it also mean

no life?


Drought grips




tenderising the spirit

with thump after thump

on and on

thump thump thump ...


Cradle Mountain

By Nick Flittner

Above the Dove

looms the Cradle

where someone died last year

a fatal attraction

to beauty and height

but oh so cold.


Wilderness is an overworked word

suggesting emptiness

lack ...


Untitled (excerpt)

By Shayne Gould

By fuck it’s a grouse night for driving my friend I’m northbound

on the Newell to Brisbane

I got a shiny big truck and I don’t give ...


New Year’s Eve

By Bruce Honeywill

The steering wheel bucks as the truck broaches the storm.

wind buffets lifting dust, truck and storm race to a violent embrace

lightning splits the sky, a flash of eternity ...


Truckin' Hard

By Andrew Le Poidevin

Life really does suck

When you’re buying your truck;

Can’t wait ’til it’s mine

So I’ve some spare time.

When the last payment’s done

I ...


Thunder Road

By Mick O'Brien

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What’s a truckie’s job?

By Olivia Richardson

Let's give a little recognition

To the Aussie trucking tradition.

They're hard workin' men,

Drivin' down the road again.


"Workin' all night long,

Singin' the truckies song;

This ...


The Carrier

By Brendan Ryan

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There’s nothing romantic about driving trucks

By Rhys Tate

There is nothing romantic about driving trucks. That’s a given,

although people who don’t drive them often assume that you’re up there

like some large and majestic ...


the jim affleck bridge

By Bill Tibben

somewhere on the southern highlands

someone stole a bowral bulldozer

and hooned it north    screaming along

the lanes of a life movie in which he scripted

a police chase that ...


two bridges over the freeway

By Bill Tibben

the mark evans bridge


his semi ran out of its lane

and came to rest on the verge


he already smashed‑chest‑killed

by the boulder that hit him at ...



By Lindsay Tuggle

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