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Grey Ironbark: Eucalyptus Paniculata

By Eileen Chong

If I could forget myself, if I were only
A tranquil tree,
Branches to spread out the silence,
Trunk of mercy.
                              ‘I Want to Sleep’, Jorge Guillen, translated by James ...


Bower boy

By Kirli Saunders


I've left blue letters
on the windowsill
for you

since I were a child.

Inked notes
on bottle caps
and pegs
and ribbons,
to remind you
that we were ...

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The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

Prime Petals

By Kirli Saunders


Fibonacci's numbers
reveal themselves in prime petals.

Lily, iris, buttercup
aster and rose,

unfurling equations
wholesome and harmonious,

as if to say that one plus one
will always equal ...

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By Kirli Saunders

I’ve spent hours now 
searching for myself
in the symmetry of your skin
in the blues and greens of your depths.

I watch the sand dance to your ...



By Kirli Saunders

I picked these
to remind you

that there is a place
for your struggles.

the most precious of flowers

grow only from dust
and dirt.

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Fleeting beauty

By Kirli Saunders

Single blossom
upon cherry tree,
how lonely it must be

to lie awake
through the night

if there is another
for you.

Bracing cold and wind,
awaiting tender touch ...

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By Kirli Saunders

Plant your feet like roots

next to mine.

Bloom alongside me.

Like leaf and vine,
our tangled bodies

will always chase the sun.

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