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Things to do (Heart)

By Jordie Albiston

a. Find heart, and place hand upon it. b. Time

to metronome beat. c. Empty above of all

things earthly. d. Fill with compassion. e. Sleep. f.

Remove heart while ...


Godzilla High

By Michael Brennan

Crunkt considers how to begin again, the dull pain of his liver lending pause for thought.
How would it begin? Amidst reams of visa applications, foreign currency,
passport photos showing ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By joanne burns

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Roll On

By Mia Dyson

Rollin’ with you baby
on a Sunday afternoon
I never thought life could be
So honest and true
till’ you caught me out
and made jelly of me
oh baby ...


Noon Swim

By LK Holt

For N & T

At the river's swollen joint we dived in,
suddenly light and jointless
as our six feet mixed the warmed crust of water
with the icy below ...


Girl in the Red Shirt

By Miss Jessi

I’ll deny black and blue that I have feelings for her
but it’s a lie.
I want to write love poems for her to laugh at
I want ...


George Street

By Miss Jessi

I’m sure it was something of a metaphor
that you held my hand as we crossed the street
and then kissed my mouth
before leaving me
in an ...


Reality Check

By Kat Kitty

Coming of age,

Leaving the safety of the 
Tunnel of childhood,
Light at the end.
Too intense to fathom.
Playing in fast forward,
Oblivious to hourglass,
Emptying precious grains of ...



By David Malouf

~for Derrick Peat
Since Thursday last the bare living-room
of my flat’s been occupied
by a stranger from the streets, a light-limbed traveller.
Pine-needle spokes, bright rims, the ...


Wolf (excerpt)

By Annaliese Porter

A sharp eye stares through high bush scrub,

In the clear white light,

Gets ready for stalking,

To catch its awaited prey, the wolf hidden

By the night.



Stoneland Harvest

By Dimitris Tsaloumas

Of my father’s vast estates I,
being the least promising of his sons,
inherited the land of the goat,
the cypress and the windy carob-tree.
The stone field yields ...