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By Christine Anu

I feel gagged sometimes censored of the words I wish to speak
So I close my eyes and in the darkness I’m on a mountain peak

From way up ...



By Mohammad Awad

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The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

The Z–A of Crazy

By Alise Blayney

Zonk the over-zealous zeal of your zany zoomorphic zoom
You’re yanked in Yonkers, YES!
You get the yolk for yakking down a Fat Yak while
yodelling a yummy yellow ...


Role Models

By Kobie Dee

Somebody tell us bout the way we living,
some brothers dead and some are sent to prison,
when I was young you couldn’t tell us different,
but then again ...


Ghost Song

By Jonathan Dunk

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Comic Sans

By Holly Isemonger

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Permission to forget

By Lillian Rodrigues-Pang

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The Queue

By Rebecca Rushbrook

I am standing in line
to petition for somewhere to live.
Thirty six of us, socially distanced,
uneasy as we meet each other’s eyes.
There is one house.
With ...


dark as last night

By Anne-Marie Te Whiu

telephone rings loud
I leave home

looking like someone 
you might want

feel for ridges 
keys in pocket

ribcage against 
lining of coat

I catch a tram 
direct to your ...


Septic tank universe

By Misha the maniac

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