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Law and Order

By Jennifer Compton

He came up behind me on the street

and held a knife to my bare throat.

My bag was tucked under my arm

but I loosed my grip and let ...

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Gone today, here tomorrow

By Chris Edwards

I'm a poet of various styles 

that can be any length and my age has no limit 

and I'd like to talk to you today about crime 

schemes ...

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The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By Claire Gaskin

The stone of self worth

I thought I was spirit and didn't matter

A fall and a view both sides
on the ridge of wiped memory

The petals blink ...

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Eugenia Solo

By A. Frances Johnson


Sikka, Flores, January 1999


Eugenia Solo died in 1857.

The Catholics told her:

All good girls go to heaven

Does heaven have a capital Sister?

She asked, and was soundly ...

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The numbers

By Justin Lowe

Before I was ever old enough

to add them up
I had glimpsed the numbers

tiny blue spiders 
crawling just under the skin
of a gentle man

a man who ...


Day Release

By Jennifer Maiden

Strangely, what recurred for this topic at first

was just one image : a hot bush road

in daylight, an old man and a young

waiting outside the prison gate together ...

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Beyond Omerta

By Ian McBryde

"You can feel the cold metal of the gun against

your skin. You can almost hear your heartbeat.

You're alive, really alive."

- Sam Giancana, Chicago, 1938



1. Awkward gloves ...

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By Kate Middleton

No, I don't know how to tell it right,
you see I was never educated, not like him, the little vermin
(now you call him angel, victim, interchangeably;
but ...

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By Brenda Saunders

Sista' girl need money to get home Native title

case Big time! she raps edgy


Some story


Up in court

on the run

stealing stuff


Could be


She's young ...

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The Dreamworld Murders

By Jaya Savige


If you like
I will take you to him
The moment I saw
his body on the news
I suspected myself of murder
I will take you to the ...

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Police Informer’s Last Rites

By Ian C. Smith

He imagined eyes watching him.

Through the scarred blind he looked about

the concrete yard, saw nothing different.

The exposed front door was the only

way out, down the hall ...

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Bound for Botany Bay

By Alan Wearne

(after Blue Murder)

for Daniel Willis


Here fellow Aussies, good ‘n’ ready: the gospel

that accords with Neddy.

Payouts? Paybacks? Shots to dodge? Better you

check first with Rog.

Cash ...

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