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The Lighthouse

By Ahmad Al Rady

When I was a child I dreamt of being a pirate
so with pockets full of prayers
a throat full of questions
I set sail,
into the obese ocean 
a ...


I have a hat with tiny woolen ears

By Emilie Zoey Baker

I have a hat with tiny woolen ears
When I put it on I hear secret things.
I didn’t know it when I bought it but
I pick up ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

My one constant travel companion

By Miranda Lello

You sit in the cupboard now, but I have carried you so far –
new models have more features, but none of the memories.
On our first trip your green was ...


Here and There

By Francis Thompson

It’s Christmas.
You scavenge candy. Grandma
appears behind the kids’ table.
The aluminum cups glow in front of her,
four of them lined up in a metallic spell.
Grandma ...