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By Michael Crane

To the womanising bouncer who finally had his heart


 My friend Jack has an insatiable addiction. He has to

have sex all the time. One week without sex drives ...



By Luke Davies

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The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

Natalie Imbruglia

By Paul Mitchell

Riding along on my pushbike honey wearing high heels and a

monk's habbit, I am riding along carrying a butterfly net flowing in

the warm wet wind and I ...


Inside My Father

By Paul Mitchell

I crawled inside my father

the air was fresher
than I expected

his organs
though decaying
smelt like carnival hotdogs

I stretched my limbs inside him
pressed my hands against ...

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Double Jeopardy

By Jenni Nixon

when she took another lover

we blamed each other
sought freedom in selective amnesia
on a visit we're strangers
silence grows as years pass
I still think of her ...


Hunters & Ditherers

By Mark O'Flynn

My brother at ten,
up and over those denuded sunburnt hills,
marching through crisp ferns, his D.B’s wet
with dew, trailing after our eagerness.
City boys a-hunting.

Someone ...

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last night betty

By David Prater

last night betty went down to the river & never came back
she put on her old black leather boots put her shit in her bag
left a note saying once ...

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Hotel room view

By Tim Sinclair

Across the grey green bay
with its rusted industrials,
Mt Rishiri dominates.


Dark pines ooze

between the grip

of jagged spurs.



and ancient ice.


No powerlines, no ski lifts ...



By Tim Sinclair

think of russian dolls. behind the curtain down the hallway in the

lounge room on the chair is the man with this daydream in his head:
a bigger apartment, a ...

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The Secret Of Pinenuts

By Steve Smart

Take your anger

Your pain 

Your frustration 

Place them in a bowl 

And beat them! 

Beat them till your 

Arm aches, 

This is about passion . . .

Turn on the stove 

Heat ...


I Like People

By John West

I like people with scars, hit by life

4 or 5 kids, floppy livers, bruised hearts
hair burnt yellow by dye. I like people
with safety-pinned glasses, people
who wheel ...


Crime and Punishment

By Deb Westbury

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