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Bravo Child & Years 3 & 4 Newtown Public School

By Bravo Child

Warn the people that they have to be rich.


Use organic petrol.


Be ready to be micro-chipped.


We are all running, if time stops we stop.

Tall or small, down ...


Brook Emery & Yr 3 Crown St Public School

By Brook Emery

A river winds through Pitt Street Mall,

speckled fish swim eagerly to work, children leap,

pick marshmallows from the trees; everyone stops

to say hello; cars dance, bikes ring silent ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »

Sustainable Sydney

By Jane Gibian

The city is like an overcrowded brain

So we use autopilot in our electric car,
Then sit back to relax and dream.
Solar energy powers the city lights
And we ...

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Gareth Sion Jenkins & St Mary’s Public School

By Gareth Jenkins

Gravity has diminished and we are hovering.

      Tree-houses in the sky drink of firework-auroras,

      needle-thin buildings arc over lakes and parks.

      Friendship floats in bubbles amongst United Aliens,

      life is ...


Anna Kerdijk Nicholson & Glebe Public School

By Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

The hover-dog was chasing the hover-mailman who was

trying to give me a parcel - it flew into my hands.

It was a self-writing pencil and a computer game.

I said ...

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Elena Knox & Plunkett St Primary School

By Elena Knox

When I travel in a bubble

Over made-of-metal trees

I can hear amidst the babble

Lots of people saying "please"




Romaine Moreton & Bourke St Public School

By Romaine Moreton

Waves washing define our shores,

Communities before,

And those to come,  


We are one.




Ed Wright & Ultimo Public School

By Ed Wright

The future is a flying box -      

Where money's made of sand - and rocks -      

Talking buildings and more trees      

Will help the city's busy bees      

Get more playtime from ...