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Who is Alibi Wednesday?

By Michael Brennan

Don't worry too much, it's all taken care of.

That's what the city tells you. You're goo-goo about it,
fresh off the boat, looking to be ...


On reading an obituary (J Frame)

By Bonny Cassidy

Tottering edgewards, fingers splayed by threats, or memories;
all of you is cupped and hurled,
up and inwards;
you are they eye of a geyser.

Perhaps this is ascension, boarded ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By Gerard Elson

He came in a bag.
No one knew his, and no one would.
They set to work on him immediately,
opened him up, picked him apart.
His insides were strewn ...



By Elena Knox

Nothing like speed
to make you slow down
(behind the eyes)
remind you to contemplate
all life as motion


Take this killer
wind to make you
sit up and ...



By Fiona Wright

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