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Satin Pleats

By Johanna Featherstone

Her ears twitch towards the open window.

Syntax rivers and moans. Single orbicular

words: my name: Jo or, suddenly, Picasso.

Scenes take place:


An albino squirrel hovers on a shady ...


Eyes of Feeling

By Lionel Fogarty

In = meek
My feelins have not change
One with the murri
And we are alone
My feelins are a thought
Of sad past life
Yet i’m words without words ...


The Disappearing

The Disappearing has been redeveloped and we invite you to submit your poems about fading and disappeared places and spaces. Explore now »


By Philip Hammial

A dead dog.

A deep hole.

A piece of rope.

I tied one end around the dog’s waist,

the other around mine.

Ralph (I’ve given him a name ...


Overhead Transperancy

By Gareth Jenkins

I test the acoustics of the room

with singing

alone, in the break between lessons.


Amazing sonic lift. This could be a cathedral 

or that bunker chamber at Hill 60 ...


Entirely Centred

By Gareth Jenkins

Words smoked upwards

in columns

as fire stormed the mountains.

Hard to catch a breath,

air so dense

with poetic-song-drift.

Somewhere in the middle there -

a moment:

entirely centred in ...


The Northern Road

By Lindsay Tuggle



I should have known

him but I had no prior

experience with prophets.


Something about the time of day

felt still as


            the invisible press of tobacco,

the rustle ...


Confused Like Horses

By Rob Wilson

He sat down and tried

to focus

but couldn't truly

make out the shapes.


Some nights, 

he sleepwalks into streetlit

rooms all over

the planet.

You dream of your ...