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Adrian Webster

Adrian Webster is a saltwater man descending from the Wandrawandian Walbunja Djiringanj and Thunghutti people. He has spent his whole life growing up on the south coast of NSW and His connection to Country is something he cherishes deeply along with his family and friends. He maintains his connection to Culture and Country by devoting his time with Elders and Community to learn Dreaming Stories, Language, bush foods and medicine and traditional artefact making. he is highly grateful for everything he learns and likes to give back and pay respects to his country by spending copious amounts of time outside whether it’s sitting, walking, swimming or regenerating the landscape with traditional burning practices handed down from his Elders, singing and dancing to country through art, story and now poetry. Adrian was recently commissioned for the Poetry in First Languages project and lead workshops on Yuin Country exploring Gumea Dharawal.