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Lucia  Cupertino

LUCIA CUPERTINO (Polignano a Mare, 1986) is a cultural anthropologist, poet (in Italian and Spanish) and translator. She has been living in Spain, Mexico, Australia and now Germany. She has been studying and researching at the University of Bologna, Complutense University (Madrid), Unam (Mexico), Sydney University and University of Venice. In 2010 she carried on a fieldword among the Wichì people in the Argentinian Chaco (in collaboration with the University of Bologna). Lucia Cupertino is now editing the Italian version of the Brazilian documentary  Flor brilhante e as cicatrizes da pedra about the Guaranì-Kaiowà people. Her nowadays research-action is focused on ecological communities in Europe and Latin America.

She collaborates as poet, critic and translator with Nuovi Argomenti, Fili d'aquilone and Iris di Kolibris.

Her first plaquette is Mar di Tasman  (Collana Isola, Bologna, 2014) with drawings of Paolo Cattaneo, other works appeared in the anthology Poeti contemporanei 179 (Pagine, Roma, 2013) and the magazines  Fili d'aquilone, Sagarana, Poeti e poesia. Some of her poems in Spanish have been published in La otra, Círculo de poesía and Vallejo &Co.