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Upon this world we stand,
walking on broken glass–
every step shaking with hesitation
navigating our soul to its very destination…
But what if I showed you another?
What if inevitability is written in the constellations
and all you need to do is look?
Go on then.
Have a peep through your window,
open the doors that have been forced shut,
see beyond your imagination.
Smash open the rightful gates to your future.
Dare to challenge the rulers of the night sky.
Because before you know it
you will long for that split second
where the turning of time stops,
where it’s just you and an inky sky,
embroidered with shimmering diamonds,
like beacons of hope,
hooking our dreams upon each sharpened point.
A child of the cosmos.
See we are astronomers trying
to make sense of the stars inside us.
But it’s the magic within us,
beyond us,
revolving around us.
In everything we can see
and everything we can’t.
That alights us
dance upon Saturn’s dusty rings
glide down the endless tails of comets
laugh along with the stars
adventure to where the sky kisses the ocean.
No one is capable of dimming the stars
so live on, to infinity and beyond.