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My first violin was a surprise
in a little black case 
with the blanket and the bow 
and the resin, all in place 

my eyes widened in awe
as my first note rang out
it was wondrous.
I played again, just to make sure – 
this was my first creation

my first violin became a precious thing 
I would carry all day
everywhere I went it would sing
in my clammy pink hands 
they had toys, but I had my first violin.

Battles with dragons in 
far-off kingdoms, adventures, 
tales and feelings  
no-one else could make
but me and my first violin

I would clean it, stroke it
love it and give it a lullaby
then strap it, blanket it
– then I too went to bed
and by night we were both soundly asleep

we became the stars of many shows
I looked out at the audience
with big, anxious eyes like Os
as my violin resounded
‘Silent Night’

then the little big-eyed girl 
grew taller, grew up
the first violin was put away
then the second, the third, the fourth 

but every time I walk by
the little black case 
I open it and give my first violin a play
and then a kiss and I put her to bed again,
and I whisper,

Je t’aime, little princess!