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Born from a mere grain of sand
set adrift in the vast blue sea
brought by a wave crashing and tumbling 
to a beach nearby me

From the heat and rage of a fire
with the ever loudening clink of metal to glass
the final sloping shape was perfected
and had green paint blown to the shape of a plant

From a fabric lined display case like a queen getting off a throne
to the warm embrace of my hand
a cool dome of happiness 
made from that tumbling sand

It regularly disappears from my vision
and the vast in my chest crumples apart
but no matter how long it takes it always comes back to me 
and hangs round my neck, restoring its place in my heart

who knows where it will be when I’m gone
but I know it will still look the same
it could be a precious family heirloom
or something ridden by fame