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Travel bag

By Amaya (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Inside you hold a plastic cup from a midnight stop over a scrunched napkin and an old gum wrapper zipper still half undone, edges still tattered you are my vestibule ...


My carved wooden eggs

By Ben (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

So round and smooth, The bad times it soothes, Reminding me of the past Oh, it was such a blast Sometimes up to Sydney To museums and the zoo My ...


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My brooch poem

By Billie (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

My love heart brooch It shines as bright as the sun It used to live on my grandmother's bedside table Now it lives on display in my room When I ...


Cross-Country Trophy

By Cody (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Sitting on my trophy stand Reminding me of the day I ran A couple K’s across the land Then finally finished tired and puffed That little boy made of metal ...


My fossil

By Darcy (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

The moment I noticed this average old rock. I picked it up and turned it around. Then I realised what I spotted. So I jumped around, rolled on the ground ...


My Special Object

By Dimitri (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

This object is dear to my heart It has a lot of history It’s about my Saint Demetrios Who was alive many years ago He rides on a red horse ...



By Indiana (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

My bag my bag, I used to think you were dag You break my fall when I crash I got you for my birthday Which was nothing like D-day I ...


Impossible puzzle

By Jack (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

I’m trying to figure out this puzzle It just gets me in a big baduzzle Why do they make them so hard I’m just bout to smash it apart I ...


The Wizard Tree

By Marci (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Walking towards the possum bridge The barrier protecting the fairy glen’s ridge. Through the open maze of skinny trees To a central opening where he stands. Thick and tall, strong ...


My first ever cross

By Matthias (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

My beloved memory Gave to me on my birth A memory that will never die A gift from when I had first arrived to Earth It’s shiny like the sunshine ...


Mysterious helmet

By Mitch (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Grey and white helmet, from my father and mother, Taking up my time, I don’t need a lover, Portal to a new kind of world, When I put my helmet ...


Gold from Austria

By Ollie (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

What a beautiful sight Shining in the light Even when it is dark it still sparkles in the night Coming from the magic mountain All into a glass So many ...


Old loved sonic

By Santiago (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Fluffy and old like an old blue aged house Had it for years Has an abundance of stitches Feels rough like and old sport shoe Runs like a ragdoll I ...


The Collar

By Texas (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

Reminds me of his Christmas collar, Looks like a dirty dollar. Feels like rubber, He used to sleep under cover. I used to be his brother, But he’s probably had ...


My Cajon

By Xavier (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

A wooden box, a little seat. That’s what others see. But I see beat, I see rhythm, I see it as an organism. It has feelings, it’s alive, Please no ...


My key to Venice

By Zoe (Year 6, Illawarra Christian School)

You have a golden picture that can twirl around like a ballerina You take me whirling into the memory Of sailing down a glowing streams at the dead of midnight ...