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Special Stockings

By Eliza (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

Cute, tiny As small as a mouse As soft as a baby bunny’s fur Keeping legs warm Pink White Grey Grey bows at the ankle Pink heels and toes White ...


Hockey Stick

By Harry (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

Hockey Stick Strong, Dark Lifting, Playing, Hitting Stick, Mazon, Riley, Scoring Slapping, Pushing, Stopping Special, Lucky Friend


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By Jacob (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

Fast, Brown Galloping, Trotting, Jumping Happiness, Excitement, Hard Work, Races Caring, Feeding, Washing Happy, Precious Thoroughbred.



By Jye (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

Boxes Brown, Wooden Bracelets, Pictures, Warmth Loving, Missing, Smiling, Crying Little Girls Gone Precious Treasured Memories


My Soft Pink Blanket

By Piper (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

It’s as soft as laying Down in a luscious Green meadow of Flowers It’s as faded as an Old painted building Waiting to be renovated It’s as special as a ...



By Wil (Year 5, Mil Lel Primary School)

Orange seat, Black engine, Cloud of smoke. Mud covered tires The loud hum of the engine. The heat of the exhaust. The smell of mixing fuel It’s off like a ...