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By Ben (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

I ride away through the breeze, my motorbike rattles the keys. My motorbike is as fast as a plane. It’s that fast it can pass a train. My motorbike is ...


Dog Fighter

By Harry (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

My Dog Fighter is a stealth machine Shooting 109s whenever it meets them Whenever it takes flight Its mighty engine makes all the lions ashamed With its mighty ROAR Its ...


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My Rabbit

By Jennieva (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

Her fur, as soft as freshly shaved off wool Her whiskers, would tickle the most somber person alive Smudge, my saviour, brought happiness to my world She would’ve been mine ...



By Levina (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

Tiny like a mouse, Loves to play all day, “Give me my food” That’s what she would say, All day, Enjoying play. Her black fur, Silky smooth, Black, Ginger, White, ...


Goalie Gloves

By Saige (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

The grip is as soft as a feather filled couch sitting on the clouds Blue, red and white Don’t worry, they don’t bite But they will just give you a ...


A Little Pony

By Zoe (Year 6, Mil Lel Primary School)

A quiet touch, A graceful ride, This little sweetheart won't break a fly Small and pretty, Loved for years, A little pony nibbling my ear It will always have A ...