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The Book

By Bri (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

As you turn the page Wordless pages sing sweet melodies of memories and dreams Light shines bright in dark corners guiding the weakest souls Galaxies full of stars, full of ...


The Book

By Ella (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

My book is a story-teller, Like a tribe’s leader. Telling stories of adventures, From the past. My book is mysterious, Like the suspense when you Turn the corner, In a ...


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I like Apples!

By Harrison (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

My Pokémon Card’s shininess is as shiny as a brand new coin from the Australian Royal Mint. The background is as green as an apple before it turns red on ...



By Holly (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

My rabbit Floppy is as fat as can be, All I can see is a roll of fat when she looks up at me. She thinks she suits sunglasses like ...


My Cat

By Jack (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

Once my cat was a brat So I made him eat a fat rat, Of course he didn’t like that So he went and got a tat. My cat is ...



By Jake (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

Paige Soft, Cuddly Breeding, Feeding, Grooming Mount, Show, Offspring, Ribbons Showing, Winning, Laughing Champion, Beautiful Stud Cow


My Teddy

By Wade (Year 7, Mil Lel Primary School)

He’s a teddy He likes to sleep He sits with me He shares stuff with me He explodes with me His expressions are awesome He loves lollies He’s a creamy ...