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My Jumper

By Adam (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

My jumper is dark an evil Possess anyone who wears it But other than that It’s always there to comfort me Comfy, Grey, Relaxed, Warm It’s reliable and does its ...



By Amy (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Alone. A gem, emerald on black A cage of stone, surrounded by rubble, Trapped. Unable to move, unable to escape, In a darkness unlike it has known Silence. Alone, it ...


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By Andrew (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Melody Melody playing through the white string Long and small bout loud Smooth and rough but soft Hearing a beautiful melody playing in my ear As gentle as a baby ...


My Phone

By Anne-Jannine (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Capturing journeys through life, Dropped, hurt and replaced Gold, sparkly and shiny like the bright and yellow sun It’s always in my hand and it never runs Light and small ...


Pencil Shavings

By Caitlin (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Thin ribbons lay across the floor Scattered like autumn leaves And missed opportunities I lay on the ground With thin traces of colour outlining my border I may make it ...


Xbox Controller

By Christopher (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Buttons that stick out of the plastic shell, Metal inside, Rubber sticks. Cords run through the heart of the controller, Charger when it goes flat, Lights that shine bright, Colours ...


My Keyboard

By Curtis (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

My Keyboard, Long as a plank, Sound of keys high and low, Deep and High, Echo, Beautiful as a bird, Keys black and white, Smooth as a glass panel, Expensive ...



By Daniel (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Death is a warm thing, Not cold as they say, Your neck he will wring, As he takes your life away, Your blood is warm, Not hot, nor cold, In ...


My Lamb

By Emily (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

My lamb is smooth, stuffed and small It was a gift from my friend It’s the new trend It means a lot to me As you can see Our friendship ...



By Hayden (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Sitting, Waiting, caressed by the waves Swimming, drifting, stuck in a haze Resting, waiting, could this be the day? He comes scuttling by, quite he is a ray He crawls ...



By Jacqueline (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

Serendipity My ears blocked from the world's chaos Unable to hear my strangled cries I drown in the harmony While the world reaches a crescendo of misery I listen, eluding ...



By Jessica (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

The countless hours Blood, sweat and tears, All for just one moment, Without any fears. A precious barrier keeps me painless and numb, Up until the last beat of the ...


My Special Bear

By Jordan (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

In a box, he arrived, On the living room floor. Sight and sound deprived, Now rescued, free once more. Her companion, through thick and thin, Proudly wears his name upon ...


my ring

By kaeleisha (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

I wear it on my finger. It’s always with me. Its fine and valuable it means so much to me. Its glamour’s like the sunset. Old and soft like a ...


My Phone

By Kathleen (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

As blue as the sky As bright as the sun The memories I’ve had will never die It may be cracked It may be old The secret it hides has ...


My cat

By Kayla (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

My cat is special, small and sweet He is playful when he is not asleep He’s a big bundle of joy covered in Fur that he keep every so neat ...


My Necklace

By Makayla (Year 9, Rosebery Middle School)

My necklace. Something precious, Shiny and fragile. Given from a family member. Gold and long like a river at sunset. Smooth and fine like a silk thread. My necklace. Something ...