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I love the black colour

By Kianoush (Year 1, Abbotsford Public School)

I love the black colour Because that Reminds me the most Innocent thing tears Sympathies gathers The saddest songs The most peaceful, absolute and endless dreams And reminds me of ...


My trophy

By Alex (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

How I got my trophy Boom! Lionel Messi and Mesut Ozil appeared to give it to me. Lionel Messi handed it to me. It was made by Mesut Ozil. It's ...


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By Caitlin (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

Flying in the sky, flying high, flying low Lands on your shoulder and says 'hello' More come to me But I just can't find my matching bird. I search high ...


What am I?

By Janos (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

I remember puzzles and colours Cube 3D shape Red, blue, yellow, orange, white and green I'm happy because it's colourful It's in the shape of a Minecraft Cow My Rubix ...


My bracelet

By Hannah (Year 5, Abbotsford Public School)

Vivacious and tiny shiny and iridescent the sound it makes when the gold chain shakes singing songs holding memories “hello, hello!” it whispers to me its oyster shell home never ...


Socko and Socka

By Izabel (Year 5, Abbotsford Public School)

Socko and Socka, my rainbow socks - Both of them were born in a shop. This is not an exaggeration; they're extremely fluffy, they're like rainbow lorrikets. They bring me ...


What am I?

By Lilly (Year 5, Abbotsford Public School)

I was born in Tasmania and given as a fourth birthday present Rusty, scratched, detailed Old, fragile, green, red, black I make the sound 'ka-ching' "Can I touch it?" "Wow, ...


Greetings from...

By Creative Writing Club (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

The students of the Abbotsford Creative Writing Group put together this poetry installation. As we considered possible objects to focus our poetry writing on, we used the fact that many ...


Mum and Dad

By Estelle (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

On top of my Mum and Dad’s ledge - covered in roses made by my innocent hands - dates all wrong - 2009 not 2008 - but their love never ...


Who am I?

By Evie (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

I was born in England In my mum and dad's next door neighbour's house. I would never divorce my husband, Teddy. At night I fly in my dreams Then fall ...


The Japanese bookmark

By Nyla (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Shiny as a piece of sun Made out of the thinnest metal Dipped in pure gold with care From Japan's beautiful museum My precious, golden bookmark


My riding hat

By Ruby (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

It is dusty and smelly It is dented and small but despite all its characteristics I love it all It has seen me through good times and bad times too ...



By Sophia (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Hidden mysteries beneath the books Everywhere in the cracks and nooks Beside the human world Alice in Wonderland is tightly held Between the cat that wears the hat And the ...


The silver dinghy

By Thomas (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Tearing through the waves Her sides so shiny Even catches crabs and fishes She is unstoppable I can't believe her speed Leaving other boats to shame Very reliable on Lake ...



By Thomas (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

The silver dinghy Flies across the glass water She's a beast, my girl


For my father (1944-1974)

By Edwina (Teacher, Abbotsford Public School)

To look at you are ordinary plain, tattered, torn, dull even, smelling of dust and stale tobacco, falling apart in my hands. Your yellowing pages are relics, your print, at ...



By Abbey (Year 5, Abbotsleigh Junior School)

It’s the sun beaming through my body The summer blaze makes it shine Like a moon piercing the heart Of a flowing stream It still glistens like a night sky ...