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Shimmering Blue

By Zach (Year 2, Abbotsford Public School)

One sunny day I came out to play I saw something mystical But it was crystal Its reflection was blue And its shimmer was too It shone brighter than the ...


The Lost Ring

By Marium (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Long, long ago, when I was little, A pretty little ring I loved to fiddle. The poor thing lost and lonely, It was the one and only. Bye, bye little ...


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My Cat Gift

By Phoebe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

A crazy card belongs to me, Just keep reading and you will see. I got a French book and gave it away, I felt good instantly from that day. A ...


The Doll

By Zoe (Year 3, Abbotsford Public School)

Her dangling hair Like a golden pear. A face so bright It can shine through the night. Better than gold But will never be sold. It’s so special to me ...


Prize possession

By Lydia (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

A swing on bars A golden beam For that I earned A small owl figurine


My Special Necklace

By Susan (Year 4, Abbotsford Public School)

My necklace is special because My grandma gave it to me for my birthday. She said ‘Keep it well and use it carefully, Don’t lose it or break it.’ I ...


Irish Clover

By Caitlin (Year 5, Abbotsford Public School)

Shiny metallic luck bringer Small and shiny Debbie’s delightful delivery That makes me feel special


My Socks

By Elliott (Year 5, Abbotsford Public School)

Soft donut foot warmers My mouth waters when I wear them Stolen from my older brother Now lost forever


Family picture

By Alyssa (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Family Love care trust Support humour fun Loyalty


Precious gift

By Ashley (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

My shimmering ring of gold My ring is not old Though it didn’t have a frame The box was calling my name My ring is so expensive It’s pretty impressive.


Red lantern

By Hannah (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Iridescent neck hanger Paris memento Never worn


Kiwi Coin

By Kaari (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Little drops of love Created the cultural body The Kiwis guard its value By surrounding it with ferns


Thailand Surprise

By Lilly (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

Rusty silver charm Small fairy hula hoops Dress for my ears Old monkey food


Family Heirloom

By Miranda (Year 6, Abbotsford Public School)

This is my locket That fits in my pocket Just like a key It’s safe to me


The Birth of Idiom

By Edwina (Teacher, Abbotsford Public School)

You're a German idiom from the middle ages when having a pig was a prize for winning a joust, a public sign of a prosperous life a juicy, spit roasted ...


Drone Mad

By Charlie (Year 3, Alice Springs School of the Air)

I am as smooth as a bomb, I look like a flying big beetle bug bashing birds, and I can go as fast as a nuke bomb! I am the ...


My Bilum

By Christopher (Year 3, Alice Springs School of the Air)

My Bilum is something special to me. I put in lots of junk that pleases me. My Bilum and I are like two peas in a pod Wherever we go ...