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By submitting your poem you give permission for Red Room Poetry to publish your poem online.

1. Enter the title and text of your poem(s) and include a photo or drawing of your object (optional).

Please don't attach images downloaded from the internet that you don't have copyright to use. We can't republish them here.

2. Enter your other details.

3. Submit your poem!

4. For Multimedia Installations, send some images, a title and a brief description of your installation to

You can upload multiple entries at once by clicking 'add another' (red bar below the poem details). 

Your poems will be read and published by our team -- when they are visible in our digital library, we'll be in touch to let you know.

By submitting, you give Red Room Poetry permission to publish your poem in the digital library and to quote excerpts of your poem for promotional purposes. 

Winners will be announced in Nov-Dec 2019.