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Concord High School first took part in Red Room Education in 2008 with performance poet Bravo Child.  The successful Cabinet of Lost & Found learning resource led teacher John Turner to the Red Room Education experiment with Toilet Doors in Term 4 of 2009.  John has been a dynamic promoter of the Red Room Education program, and we admire the way that he has drawn the whole school into the presence of rhe program at CHS.

The class worked with poet Ed Wright to create a re-interpretation of the Toilet Doors project. Working on ideas of guerilla poetry, the students' individual poems were placed in balloons and hidden around the school site.  They created a collaborative work that was written onto an old door and suspended in the classroom for exhibition.

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Visit our online store to purchase publications and materials from this project. Red Room Poetry is a not-for-profit organisation. All funds raised support the ongoing work of Red Room Poetry.