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Throughout the project, the project poets, along with The Red Room Company staff, kept logbooks, noting down news about the project and impressions from the road. A few excerpts from these logbooks are collected here.

Log Entry 21/04/2009 - 12:15:25 - Red Room Radio

The Sydney Royal Easter Show is known for a magnificent collection of four legged beasts, giant fruit, assorted vegetables, moleskins and jodhpurs and other crops that make up the NSW Agricultural industry and country life style. The Show has an abundance of fruitcakes, amateur art, vomitous carnival rides, show-bag riots and fairy floss. This year, the Show had the Dust inspired poetry of truck drivers; our posters were displayed right outside the train station entrance and on the big screens, in film versions of the poems that made a fantastic contrast to the other sponsor driven material on display. There was also a Bush Poetry event at one of the main stages which I missed because I was round and round on the Ferris Wheel. Tomorrow the posters on the Easter Show sites are unclipped and archived, just as I was relaxing, sitting back and admiring the work it's time to end this and start that. And, here's a recent article on the project for the fanatics.

Log Entry 23/03/2009 - 13:03:28 - David J Delaney

G'day all, just a short note to let you know Bev & myself had a wonderful time on Saturday night & was great to finally meet you all, would be great one day to get together again, friendships were made with memories to last forever. stay safe. Dave & Bev.

Log Entry 20/03/2009 - 22:43:08 - Judith Bishop

A Bicentennial Mack Super-Liner was named after poet and short story writer Henry Lawson (pictured)

Hi all, a last (and last-minute) entry before the launch day arrives... First, though, not having written since the Victorian bushfires, I want to send wishes and thoughts out to those affected, including Mick from this site and his wife Kim. On the same sombre note, a recent article about Dust Poets Dave Delaney and Mick O'Brien noted that 275 people died in truck accidents up to March 2008. This reminded me of a web site I came across while researching for this project, called Lights on the Hill , which is the official website for a Queensland memorial to truckies and coach drivers who have died on the roads. The site says: "The name originated from the famous Slim Dusty trucking song "Lights On The Hill". Before the late Slim Dusty passed away, he and his wife Joy agreed to use the name "Lights On The Hill" and to be patrons of the memorial, along with John "The Ferret" Moran." The other discovery I made while googling about was a story about the Bicentennial Mack Super-Liner trucks , complete with a commemorative poem and a truck named Henry Lawson (after the poet and writer, pictured on the right)... The trucks are beautiful (were? not sure how they're looking twenty years down the track!) and the poetry connection was too good to pass up mentioning on this site!

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