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The Project

The Eucalyptus Eco-Poetry Project (EEPP) is a 'branch' of New Shoots created in collaboration with Bundanon and the Dahl Trust. The project invites poets and students to emotionally and creatively connect with eucalyptus through a poetic lens. By uncovering the hidden stories and secrets of the iconic green giants we often take for granted, the EEPP enriches understanding of eucalypts at Bundanon Trust and beyond. 

The Poet

Kirli Saunders will be the poet-in-residence at Bundanon for the EEPP, working with Bundanon’s environment and education teams to deliver eucalypt-inspired poetry workshops to local schools and community groups.

Participating Schools

Friday 24 March
Shoalhaven High School

Monday 27 March
Kangaroo Valley Primary School

Tuesday 28 March
University of The Third Age

New Shoots

This project is the educational branch of New Shoots - Poetry inspired by plants.