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Gunhinarrung learns to look for small things that matter –
to take carefully – leave some always – to gawimarra (gather) is to share...

~ from ‘The Gatherers’ by Jeanine Leane

Jeanine Leane is a Wiradjuri writer, poet and academic from southwest NSW and the Red Room Poetry Fellow for 2019. During her residency over the course of the year, Jeanine reflected and worked on her poetic project, ‘Voicing the Unsettled Space: Rewriting the Colonial Mythscape.'

Watch as Jeanine reads her poetry and reflects on her time working at Bundanon Trust.

Jeanine Leane reflects at Bundanon Trust 

Interview with Kirli Saunders


Bridge over the River Memory

Poem reading



Poem reading


The Gatherers

Poem reading


These words

Poem reading


Country Speaks

Poem reading

Filmed by Tad Souden.


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