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This cloth, a dirty pink, threadbare:
ropes of terry-white stripe its breadth
like the cane-marks across my calves

~ excerpt from 'Face-washer' by Eileen Chong


Red Room Poetry learning resources are developed in consultation with professional poets and educators to enrich cross-curriculum outcomes and learning across a range of classroom contexts.


Poetry Object 2018

Our Poetry Object resource is designed to support students and teachers in developing poetic imagery and techniques before composing an object poem. We recommend delivery over 2-3 lessons where students are given time to reflect, conceptualise and respond.

Download the Poetry Object 2018 Learning Resource

About Poetry Object 2018

Additional resources


HSC English Resource: Ali Cobby Eckermann: Inside my Mother

For HSC English Stage 6: Prescriptions Module A: Language, Identity and Culture

Within this module, six of Ali Cobby Eckermann's poems from the collection Inside my Mother (Giramondo Publishing) have been set for study. These poems are ‘Trance’, ‘Unearth’, ‘Oombulgarri’, ‘Eyes’,  ‘Leaves’ and ‘Key’.

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Red Room Poetry facilitates workshops using Learning Resources connected to

Poetry in First Languages | New Shoots | Yala Gari | The Disappearing | Toilet Doors Poetry | Sea Things

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