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I tell my offspring about borderless stars, slashed trees
along a ten kilometre stretch of road, hemmed by farmland
how the wallaby nibbles my hand under night’s cloak
far from glittering cities woke to injustice in the pandemic

~ Michelle Cahill from 'ideally, living arrangements'

Red Room Poetry's Fellow in 2020 is Michelle Cahill, a Goan-Anglo-Indian poet and author who lives in Sydney.

Michelle spent her two-week Fellowship residency on Yuin Country at Bundanon Trust, extending on her commission for Extinction Elegies. The outcome – a suite of 10 poems – is both a reflection and resistance to the impact of colonialism, species hierarchy and climate emergencies following the Australian bush fires. 


Interview with Michelle Cahill on Yuin Country at Bundanon Trust


Michelle reads 'ideally, living arrangements'


Michelle reads 'in the quarantine'


Michelle reads 'Augury'


Michelle reads '13 Ways of Dreaming the Glossy Black Cockatoo'

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